DS 160 Form: How to Fill Form DS-160 For US Visa Application !

Form DS 160

Form DS 160 is the US government’s form to apply for US visa. We are helping you to fill up and understand the DS 160 form online. You will also learn to prepare your responses in this form. Where to find this form? How to submit it online? Learn all the components of the form at Amritvahini website.

Lakhs of families and students from India are applying for the US visa every year. Electronic submission of this form is just the first step in the US visa application process. Submitting the form correctly is very significant for the US visa applicants. Any misguiding and incomplete information may lead to rescheduling of your visa interview date.

DS 160 Form
DS 160 Form

Once you submit the DS 160 form online, you should contact the consulate to confirm the interview. The security and background section is the longest section of the form. Though filling up the form is simple, every answer has to be accurate and honest. The DS-160 is online visa application form for temporary travel to the United States and for UK visas. The information provided in the form is used by the consular officers to process the visa application.

Where to Fill DS 160 Form

Access the form online on the website of consular electronic application center, US. The form will largely determine your eligibility for a non-immigrant visa. The form consists of many sections and each of the section is to be responded separately in sequence.

How to Fill DS-160 US Visa Application Form

Visit the site of US Department of State, CEAC as suggested above. Start by selecting your country and proceed with all the following sections one-by-one.

  1. Get Started Section – Select your country and state the application
  2. Personal information Part 1
  3. Personal information Part 2
  4. Contact information
  5. Passport information section
  6. Travel details
  7. Travel companions’ details
  8. Details of previous US travel if any
  9. US contact information
  10. Family details
  11. Training /work and education details
  12. Security and background

Once you fill up and submit DS 160 form online, take the following steps:

Print and preserve the DS-160 barcode page (No need to print the full application or all the pages of the form).

Schedule a visa interview appointment at this site of the US Embassy or Consulate.

Go through the country-specific instructions and Pay the visa application processing fee online.

After completing your DS-160 form application, you can check for your US visa application status on the website of CEAC.

DS 160 Form FAQ List

There are some common confusions applicants face while submitting the DS 160 form online. Below listed FAQ list will be very helpful.

  • How to Sign the DS-160 US visa application form?

Ans: Sign the form digitally by click the button “Sign Application” given at the end of the form. It is mandatory to sign electronically.

  • Can a third party complete the DS 160 form on my behalf?

Ans: A third party can complete the form if the applicant is physically incapable or illiterate. In the case of a minor applicant, parents can fill up the form and sign it as a third party. A third party must be identified on the ‘sign and submit’ page.

  • Is it possible to fill up the form in the regional language?

Ans: No. it is mandatory to fill up the form in the English language only. The translation of the form is available.

  • Can I stop the application in the middle and return to it later?

Ans: Yes, you can partially save the form and return to it later.


Do you have any other queries regarding the DS 160 form online? Feel free to leave your comments. For more information, applicants may visit the official website of the US State Department for Non-Immigrant Visa Applications. We will be soon updating information on other useful application forms too. Guidelines to fill up online PF withdrawal form are already present on our blog.

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