Income Tax Return Form: How to Download ITR Form Online?

Income Tax Return Form Online

Download income tax return form for filing IT return. Multiple ITR forms are prescribed by the income tax department. Each of the forms is used for filing a return by different entities. The forms are categorized on the basis of income, occupation, and legal entity of the firm or an individual filing return. If you are confused about which form applies to you while filing IT return, here is a solution. Know all about ITr with latest GST tax information into this post.

This post gives you a thorough knowledge of all the ITR forms, Income tax form 26As and how to use it. You should check Form 26AS before filing your returns. The post also shares direct links to the official page. You can download the format you need just with a click. Each and every form details the purpose for which it is preferred. offers you a one stop for downloading all the vital forms and application formats.

An overview of the income tax return form given here will help taxpayers to file return appropriately. The new ITR forms include ITR-1, ITR-4S, Sugam, ITR-2 and few others. A complete list is shared below for your ready reference with details.

This format is an application for filing returns with the income tax department. Any individual, HUF, and firm are eligible to file a return if the tax paid is in excess of tax payable. You might also like to refer and download form.

New Income Tax Return Form

The new simplified ITR forms came into existence in the year 2015. The earlier cumbersome income tax return form was opposed by many industrialists, MPs. And assesses. Hence, since 2015, the new forms of ITR 2A and ITR2 have only three pages.

Here is the complete list of the ITR forms:

Types of ITR Forms

Form ITR-1 (SAHAJ)

ITR-1 is for individuals who earn from salary or interest. Only individuals who are not having an asset abroad can use this form.


Individuals and HUFs who are not having income from any profession and business, and capital gains can use this form. The user of this form should not be holding any foreign asset.


ITR-2 is for individuals and HUFs who are not having income from profession or business. The income should be from pension or salary or house property or capital gains.


This income tax return form ITR-3 is for HUFs and individuals who are having partnership in forms. They should not be having any profession or business under proprietorship.


This form is for HUFs and individuals having earning from a profession or a proprietorship business.


Individuals and HUFs who are earning from a presumptive business.


This is used by firms, LLPs, Body of Individuals (BOIs) and AOPs (Association of persons) for filing IT return. HUFs, individuals, company and person using ITR-7 cannot use this ITR-5.


ITR-6 income tax return form is used by companies which are not claiming any exemption under section 11 of Income Tax Act.


A company or a person who needs to furnish return under any of the following sections should use ITR-7 income tax return form:

  • 139(4A)
  • 139(4B)
  • 139 (4C)
  • 139 (4D)

The newer versions of ITR 2 and ITR 2-A have brought respite to the millions of tax payers as well assesse. Read on further to download ITR form which applies to you.

How to Download IT Return Form

Click the given link and access the official Download page of income tax department. Select the assessment year from the drop-down menu and download the required form. Give a click on the type of form you need.

You will also find the check-list of all the documents at the bottom of the page. Upload these documents while you are filing return. The IT return is to be field using the software available at this income tax website in excel format.

To fulfill the essential governmental formalities, various forms are prescribed for the convenience of users and authorities. It is important to have the format handy before going through any governmental procedure. guides you to download all types of forms right from one place.


The formats and application forms shared here are provided directly from the official sites of the related authority. The list of all the income tax return form will help taxpayers to determine how they should file IT return. Also find out how to download challan 281 and challan 280 online.

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