PF Withdrawal Form Download: How to Withdraw EPF Online?

PF Withdrawal Form Online

Know how to download PF withdrawal form online? Provident fund is a major retirement saving for the salaried people in India. The PF is often withdrawn at the time of changing job. Various forms are prescribed by the EPFO for withdrawal of provident fund. This post gives you an overview of the PF withdrawal form.

Know everything about provident withdrawal form known as Form 19. Besides form 19, other supplementary forms are also prescribed. We have also shared here all the details regard other forms related to the provident fund withdrawal. Employees wanting to claim for their EPF money would be requiring this information. See how to download the required PF forms. Just give a click and get the required format for EPF claim.

PF amount is a corpus that employees build gradually to ensure financial security at the time of retirement. However, there are provisions of early withdrawals but in certain conditions. A person can also withdraw PF amount while leaving or changing a job. The early withdrawals of PF are allowed for urgent medical treatments and home loans. It is also allowed to meet the marriage expenses in family. Regardless of the reason, an employee needs to apply by submitting a relevant PF withdrawal form to the local EPFO office.

How to Download PF Claim Forms Online

Have you recently changed job and want to claim your EPF? Here is the information regarding all the PF Forms. Find below the list of all the EPF forms you will need to withdraw the full or partial PF amounts.

Use this link to download any form related EPF claim and transfer. You will see the two options at below each form. Click the download option and obtain the form in PDF format. Also, read the instructions by clicking on the instructions option.

List of PF Forms

EPF Withdrawal Form 19

EPF Form 19 is required to withdraw all your employee provident fund amount. Employees can submit it after leaving or changing your service or retirement or termination. This is the major PF withdrawal form.

PF Withdrawal Form 10C

This form EPF Form 10-C is used with other forms like Form 19 and Form 20. It is used towards the settlement of PF under old and new pension schemes. You will need this form to retain the EPF membership if you are under 58 years.
Form 13
This is a new EPF form for transferring your provident fund account. Submit it to transfer your PF account from the previous employer to the current company.
Form 14
This is submitted when you want to finance your LIC policy using the accumulated PF amount.
Form 10-D
A pension claim form to be submitted by the claimant or his or her nominee. If the nominee is applying for a pension, a Nominee Form 2 is also required along with Form 10-D.
EPF Form 20
In the case of death of an employee, family members can submit this form and claim for the provident fund amount.

Form 31 for PF Withdrawal

There is a provision of advance withdrawal of PF amount. An employee can also apply for a loan from his PF amount for reasons like marriage, house loan, house improvement, and medical treatments. Form 31 is needed to claim such withdrawals.
Form 5 I.F
The PF withdrawal form is to be filled and submitted by the person who is eligible to receive the EPF money of the deceased member who has died while he/she was active in the service.

PF Application Form for EPF Withdrawal

Apply for your EPF amount using the PF withdrawal form – Form 19. You will get the form at the download sections of EPFO website. Fill up the form and get it attested by any bank manager or any gazetted office. An attestation by following authorities is also valid – Magistrate, post/sub post master, and the president of village panchayat.

The online EPFO facility also allows employees to withdraw without the signature of the employer. However, the employee should know his UAN number. Fill up the form 19 with following details:

  • Provident fund account number
  • Bank account number
  • IFSC code of bank with which you hold an account
  • Date of joining service
  • Date of leaving service

With the introduction of UAN and linking with aadhar, it is easier to claim PF. However, being in good faith with your employer helps you to claim your PF amount quickly. While you use and claim PF amount with any PF withdrawal form, do go through the instructions. Claiming and withdrawing PF is made much simpler than before. The procedures are changed in the favor of employees so that they can claim their EPF amount easily. Also, consider looking at other useful application forms at amritvahini website. Besides downloading forms, the EPFO portal allows employees to check PF claim status and EPF balance status online.

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